Sparkler needs your support!

Aug. 19th, 2017 11:08 am
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It's time for Sparkler's annual kickstarter to fund their next year of comics. They have 3 days left, and they're only a little more than halfway there. They're doing great work, and they need help.
Most of our content is free to read and stream, but a paid magazine membership lets you read ahead of the free serialization, download the content, and support the creators.

Sparkler Monthly is a multimedia, digital shojo/josei magazine of original English-language fiction. Our carefully selected creators are paid advances for their work and go through a thorough editorial process. After a book or audio story is serialized in the magazine, it’s bundled with bonus material and sold as ebooks, limited paperbacks, and/or CDs in the Sparkler Shop (similar to the magazine –> tankoubon system in Japan). In addition, our paperbacks and products can be found at a number of retailers; see our Retail & Libraries page on where to buy, and how to acquire books for your business or library.

The primary audience for Sparkler Monthly is girls and women aged 15 and up, or anyone interested in the rough ballpark of Female Gaze. Our four founders and most of our staff identify as female and are committed to promoting inclusive, fem-positive, and ridiculously fun content. We welcome creators of any gender and are particularly interested in entertaining, engrossing stories that tap into the variety and diversity of fandom.

This is a link to their Kickstarter campaign. The FAQ gives great advice if the options are overwhelming.

I love their content, from scripted audio dramas to comics to light novels. I love getting paperback copies of things I've tried online, so that I can more easily share them with other people.

If you've thought about supporting Sparkler or trying it out, now is the best [and, potentially only] time to do so.
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One of them's a monster, Rex-O.

The other's a man, the Scavenger.

Last month's issue #2 ended on the latter.

The focus on him wasn't an introduction- #1'd already done that.

It was an elaboration.

The narrative stepped into his life at night. )

Farm update

Aug. 18th, 2017 07:08 pm
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I love the farm. I just love how quiet and peaceful and gorgeous it is.

The adolescent guineas and pheasants in the shed get meal worms as a treat. Meal worms are the BEST, according to them. The internet says that pheasants are wild and won't tame down, but apparently these sites don't know about meal worms. Anyways, today I picked up the bucket where they are stored, and one of the guineas was so excited that she Flew At Me, hit my chest, bounced off and ran away.

Abbie had a couple of good sprints down to the barn and back.

Today I saw:
A hummingbird feeding off the cannas
A Monarch butterfly
A female cardinal
A woodpecker (I just heard this)

Original Sins

Aug. 18th, 2017 06:34 pm
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This one's not a particularly famous story but it's still an interesting look at Two-Face. It first appeared in Secret Origins Special #1.

Scans under the cut... )

Dark Days: The Casting #1

Aug. 18th, 2017 01:33 pm
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"Whenever it’s that level of shocking darkness, I think it gets you in the store. But I also genuinely believe that it’s been a really rough year for everybody, regardless of what political side you’re on. It’s a rough time. People are angry at each other. There’s a lot of divisiveness and terror out there about what’s going to happen, and from all corners. Metal is a story that’s about things that keep me and Greg up. It’s about the ways in which you can find yourself in a story that you didn’t think was possible, and it’s much darker than the one that you thought was inevitable." - Scott Snyder

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Aug. 18th, 2017 01:02 pm
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I love my ereader; there has never been a better solution for the person who wants to take five books on a weekend trip, or a better tool for reading fanfic in public. I had three Kindles, two of which died* and one of which I left on the train, and now I have a Kobo ereader.

There are things I love about it---for one, I almost never buy ebooks, and when I do it's from Kobo, so it just makes sense to have a reader that works within the Kobo ecosystem. I love that it reads ePubs, so that I don't have to convert every damn thing to .mobi. I love that you can turn the backlight ALL THE WAY OFF, which Amazon for some ludicrous reason does not allow. And I generally like the way the software works.

On the downside, the Kobo reader is noticeably slower and more buggy. Anything touching the screen will turn the page, not just conductive things like fingers---if your bedsheet brushes the screen, all bets are off. Also, you can't put it in a plastic bag to read in the rain like you can with the Kindle; the plastic will turn pages. In addition, if a long ebook isn't properly broken up into separate HTML files, the book will eventually get so bogged down that it will freeze and you have to start over. Similarly, when you change the font size or other display settings, the time it takes to process depends on how large the HTML file you're currently reading is---it can be an extremely long time. The workaround is to download an ePub editor such as Sigil and format your ePubs to your own specs, which is fine for me and my obsessive brain but might not be worth it for others.

And oh man, the Kobo dictionary is shit. One thing I got really addicted to with my Kindles was looking up the etymology of words I already knew. Kobo's dictionary doesn't provide etymologies at all. I would probably pay up to $20 or $30 to purchase a better dictionary with etymologies included, but it's not an option.

I've been reading a lot of news about Charlottesville, because I was there and about fifteen feet away from the car crash and I'm probably somewhat traumatized (therapy appt this weekend yaaaay) and also I am in general kind of bad at self care. So, back on topic, I found this sentence in an article about how utterly shit the orange menace is at governing:

For one thing, Caligula did not, as far as we know, foment ethnic violence within the empire.

Foment is a word I know from past reading context---phrases like "fomenting revolt" or "foment dissent," seeming to imply encouraging the thing in question. I had a vague idea that it might be related to "ferment," which to me implies (among other things) taking some kind of organic matter and doing things (like adding sugar, or bottling) to encourage a community/ecosystem of bacteria to grow in it. It makes sense in parallel, too: it seems plausible to say that someone's "fermenting ethnic violence" by adding encouragement like sugar to the substrate.

Trusty Google has a good etymology dictionary!

foment: late Middle English: from French fomenter, from late Latin fomentare, from Latin fomentum ‘poultice, lotion,’ from fovere ‘to heat, cherish.’

Ah, to heat---that makes a lot of sense. And now that I think of it, doesn't the process of fermentation also generate heat in some cases?

ferment: late Middle English: from Old French ferment (noun), fermenter (verb), based on Latin fermentum ‘yeast,’ from fervere ‘to boil.’

Yup! And this is probably also related to fervor and fever. It turns out that "fermenting violence" is also a legit use of the word, too.

This has been etymology funtimes with your host, @wolby. Welcome to my brain.


* mostly by being dropped... I am a huge klutz, but in my defense, only one of those drops was my fault.

2 links 17 August 2017

Aug. 17th, 2017 11:15 pm
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Eric Deggans on NPR (All Things Considered):

Netflix, ABC Portrayals Of Autism Still Fall Short, Critics Say

You can read or listen to this piece, which is about "The Good Doctor" and "Atypical".

'Eye of the Beholder'

Aug. 17th, 2017 09:01 pm
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'Eye of the Beholder' from Batman Annual #14 is probably the most important modern Two-Face story ever written. This was the issue that fleshed out Harvey Dent's origins and redefined his characterization as someone who was already struggling with his psyche before the acid hit. A lot of the material here was later used in 'The Long Halloween', the animated series as well as The Dark Knight.

Unfortunately this has yet to be reprinted by DC, either in trade or in digital format. I imagine the latter will happen sooner or later (Comixology is constantly adding old comics to the archive) but DC's treatment of this has always puzzled me.

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'One of the complaints the Byrne Bashers like to dust off from time to time is that I have a "fetish" about young girls crushing on older men. In a forty five year career, this is something I have done a grand total of four times with Mac and Heather Hudson, Lana and Superman in GENERATIONS, Rita Farr and Cliff Steele, and Reed and Sue Richards. And that last one was set in place by Stan and Jack. As fetishes go, not much to write home about.' - John Byrne

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