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I just wanted to share the fact that tonight Bruce and Kitten are out on the balcony dancing to Van Morrison's "Moondance" (click link to download).

lyrics )

...they're adorable. (just don't tell Bruce I said so!)

[ETA: Kitten is wearing a sleeveless, plunging-neckline floor-length slinky-sparkly black dress with a slit up the side almost to where Bruce's hand curves on her her waist. Her hair's swept back in gentle waves, but a few curls have slipped free and they frame her face and seem to fascinate Bruce -- as though he isn't enthralled enough already! He's not as dressed up as she is -- no suitcoat, but his powder-blue dress shirt looks like magic under the stars and against his almost-black tie. Van Morrison's voice drifts through the open glass windows that double as doors -- she hadn't known Bruce Wayne kept an extensive record collection, but he's just full of surprises and mysteries, isn't he? She hopes none of the less convenient surprises show themselves tonight, because the night air would be much too chilly to bear without his strong, warm arms wrapped around her, holding her close enough that he can whisper the words to the song in her ear and tickle her neck as his puffs of breath move her errant locks. She sighs softly and is infinitely glad the sky above shines with starlight and moonlight, and nothing else at the moment.]


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i'm cooking the veggies and valuing myself!

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