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okay, so, whatever, I translate things into food. it's how I roll. also, IT'S MY FUCKING JOB, OKAY? (oh god I love the fact that I can actually say that.)

anyway, delicious Folie a Deux cookies. )

the great thing about these cookies is they're not just Folie A Deux because that was what I was listening to on my drive to and from work, while coming up with the concept, and while baking them. they're Folie A Deux because, to me, they're like the album (and yes, this is where I start to sound kind of crazy). they're salty and sweet with a bit of a bite, a little spicy; luscious (because of the pumpkin, mmmm pumpkin) and yet layered with textures: crunchy, chewy, velvety-sweet-smooth; they're pretty and golden but a little scruffy, too. also my springboard was a traditional classic recipe (my grandmother's chocolate chip cookies), but then I modded the hell out of it to get something new -- kind of like the synthetic process that built Folie A Deux into what it is. and, ultimately, like the album, I'm not quite certain yet what I think of them -- but I'm pretty sure it balances out on the side of awesome. also color of the batter matches PStump's hair.



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i'm cooking the veggies and valuing myself!

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