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so, I have two midterms and a problem set due-date tomorrow, and I basically refuse to think about them.

well, okay, I am doing the calculus. but that's not the point.

tomorrow I'm going to see if I can in fact pass the first semester of a course about Tolkien and his calqueing (or, also, not-calqueing) middle-english, middle-ages, middle-earth, and other middly thingies --without actually having any real and lasting knowledge of that whole... Lord of the Rings... thing (seriously. I think it's something chronic). that should be interesting.

poetry on the other hand ought to be a breeze, assuming I can tell the difference between one Wordsworth poem and another. which I can't, actually. oh well.

and lastly, if I don't get myself under control, the next thing I wind up writing will either be ridorkulous reviews/reactions to whatever House episode strikes my fancy, or fanfic. neither of which you want to see (well some crazy folk might claim to want to read the fanfic, but seriously, I can't pull that off), so I'd better just do my stupid homework and write my stupid essays.

thank you all.
and CSS can bite my ass.


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i'm cooking the veggies and valuing myself!

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