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whoah, hi internet!

i've had a busy week or whatever. hot damn. maybe i'll tell you some stories later! i have lots of them. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

in the meantime, look what i did yesterday! i got a tattoo!
semi-nsfw pics -- hooray pink polka-dotted underpants! )

let me just tell you, that was an awkward post to assemble while sitting on a packed greyhound bus with a bunch of strangers. MY ASS LET ME SHOW YOU IT.

*also, inking over old scar tissue hurts like a bitch. good thing [personal profile] fairestcat is okay with getting her fingers pulverized. oops! THANKS CAT. ♥
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i got a tattoo yesterday!

dana withers of blue lotus tattoo in madison is a goddess and a ninja. we were at this for four hours with almost no breaks.

photos beneath the cut, borderline worksafe (it's a sidepiece so my shirt's all rucked up).

as the flames rose to her roman nose and her walkman started to melt )

as usual, feel free to ask me any questions you'd like (about this or any other body mod i've had).

woohoo ink!
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a little more than two years ago I did this.

I figure, officially past the two-year mark, it must've healed thoroughly by now so tonight, for the first time in those two-plus years, I finally dug out my corset and laced it up again.

(bonus information: in addition today was One Of Those Days: the slightly manic, delicately off-kilter days that make me feel out-of-focus, too big and too small and like I am falling out of myself. plus it's the supposed First Day of Spring, which just kicks all of that up a notch.)

in conclusion, oh my god, YES. it feels like I've been put back in my skin.

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FINALLY, haircut today!


moar pictures )

not much chattiness because after 2.5 hours of hair product smell (and, of that, 1.5 hours getting my hair tugged and razored) and 24ish hours of insufficient hydration (though guess what! I have been able to keep significant fluids AND SOME SOLIDS down today!) I have a raging cranky headache.

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a word on getting one's tragus pierced in the middle of a bitter-cold Wisconsin winter:

there have been less irritatingly painful* ideas. there have also been much more irritatingly painful winter-specific ideas (see also: running in the snow (or, better yet, on freezing asphalt) while barefoot, fixing a car wiper blade in the wet-snow-rain without gloves on (♥, [ profile] fairestcat!), faux-snogging a metal basketball hoop pole), but there have certainly been less irritatingly painful ideas.

also, god almighty do ears BLEED.

but all in all, I am extremely happy. pictures later, when I have stopped looking like a sonic-boom-gun victim.

*by which I mean that I wouldn't say it hurts like a bitch, per se, but you know that ear-bitey feeling you get when the wind whips around your head and it's in the single-digits or below? imagine that with a fresh bit of shiny metal through your ear. OUTSTANDING!


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i'm cooking the veggies and valuing myself!

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