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[ profile] shrieking_ell. you must check this out.
(other people too, you know. it's pretty crazy.)


please tell me this is real and I'm not just hallucinating from lack of sleep.
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...there are some times when I second-guess my habit of typing the first song line I hear as I start the update for my entry title...

anyway. we love SOAD, yes we do.

SO. good things:

~Vivs sent me the .zip of Hypnotize, System Of A Down's new album. much love. see? see how much love? I don't think it's quite as outstanding as Mezmerize, which I adore, but it's very, very good.

~iconned; made two icons of the Cranky Old Ninja. I do still have to make the "Sith Lord" one, but I don't want to tonight. so when that one's done they'll all go up for grabs.

not so good things:

~did you know the store-where-I-don't-have-to-use-real-money closed at 5 today? yeah neither did I. gonna have to steal bagels at breakfast and lunch, and stockpile them. YAY.

~I don't know if the mail desk is open tomorrow. I hope hope hope it is, reallyreally. but... GAH. DAMMIT, THANKSGIVING, WHY DON'T YOU PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE? I bite my thumb at you.

neutral things having to do with crack:

Title: not Champagne (oh come on. I'm not putting real effort into picking a title!)
Canon, Plot, Sense: yeah, right
Length: damned sight longer than I thought it was gonna be
Mature for adult m/m sexual content
direct continuation of "Champagne Taste"; same cracked-up timeline as that and "Champagne"

[ profile] shrieking_ell gets AT LEAST half the blame.

Dick started swearing to himself as he left the auditorium and got on his bike )

there will be another SMALL piece, direct companion to Ell's one, but I haven't written it yet.

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hmmmmm happy noises.

~ Ell wrote Lex's side of the crack! it's fabulous. and the thought of Lex!Robin makes my cracky heart go pitter-pat.

~ I turned in my course card, so it's just a matter of finding out if I got into the classes:
Math 161 (differential calculus -- because I'm pretty rusty and need it for macro and math171-integral calculus was uncool with my schedule)
English 204 (Tolkein's middle ages)
English 243 (victorian gender)
Anthro 101 (intro to cultural anthropology)

~ I waited out the cranking of my full musics into iTunes, and am now enjoying a shuffle of all the music on my hard drive

~ Vivs sent me two mp3s: 30 Seconds to Mars' cover of Hunter, and Soldier Side from SOAD's new (unreleased) album. this weekend I'll get the full album off her, much squee! SOAD!

~ George and I are going to HP4 and P&P3, and also he has an original movie poster from PotC (the zombie at the helm!) that he is going to give me. tres awesome, no?

~ Temvid is progressing.

~ Dick muse is SO ADHD.

[p.s. Sony e-mailed to remind me BoP opens tomorrow but I'm trying to forget it so that I don't get mopey-jealous. so long as I'm stuck in small-town Maine, may as well not let myself whine about it]
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Ell. I love her, but she is an Evil Geek. Or is that precisely why I love her? Here's for you, babe.

Character: Lex. Dick.
Word: friction.
Requested by/gift for: [ profile] shrieking_ell

Warning: CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. Also, m/m adult sexual content. And language. And no beta.


Continuity? Canon? Timeline? Plot?? PFFT. WHO NEEDS 'EM?

Champagne Taste [Smallville x Batman TAS (WHAAT?)] )

Behold! A bunch Most of that is complete bullshit! Ell, baby, you'd better frickin' like it because... I don't know what I wrote. YAY COFFEE! I'm really, really dangerous on it, you know? Woot.

And my recently acquired Dick!muse is placated. Or possibly encouraged. GOOD SWEET LORD WHAT HAVE I DONE?


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