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...or, I think I got that rather right... it's completely from memory. *coughcough* ANYWAY.

'cause that's one of the things I have been so not able to ferret out.

any pointers? my Fantastic Historical Geekery Kim Wilson Links List is mostly early 19th century. and I? I'm thinking... pirates.

I'm also thinking zombies, and ye olde brain troubles. *slight cackle*

If I find anything useful, myself, I'll stick it up here, too.


[ETA: Fuller, Thomas, 1654-1734.
Pharmacopoeia extemporanea : or, a body of prescripts. In which forms of select remedies, accommodated to most intentions of cure, are propos'd. London: printed for B. Walford, 1710.

[ETA2: Mental Health History Timeline - 18th Century Asylums ff.]

[3: 18th-Century Theories of Melancholy & Hypochondria -- esp. looking at unnatural melancholy, here]

[4: Bethlem (Bedlam) at Wikipedia]

[5: Bedlam schoolman. Or, Some lines made by an English noble man, that was in Bedlam 1700, DOCUMENT IMAGE]
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...there are some times when I second-guess my habit of typing the first song line I hear as I start the update for my entry title...

anyway. we love SOAD, yes we do.

SO. good things:

~Vivs sent me the .zip of Hypnotize, System Of A Down's new album. much love. see? see how much love? I don't think it's quite as outstanding as Mezmerize, which I adore, but it's very, very good.

~iconned; made two icons of the Cranky Old Ninja. I do still have to make the "Sith Lord" one, but I don't want to tonight. so when that one's done they'll all go up for grabs.

not so good things:

~did you know the store-where-I-don't-have-to-use-real-money closed at 5 today? yeah neither did I. gonna have to steal bagels at breakfast and lunch, and stockpile them. YAY.

~I don't know if the mail desk is open tomorrow. I hope hope hope it is, reallyreally. but... GAH. DAMMIT, THANKSGIVING, WHY DON'T YOU PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE? I bite my thumb at you.

neutral things having to do with crack:

Title: not Champagne (oh come on. I'm not putting real effort into picking a title!)
Canon, Plot, Sense: yeah, right
Length: damned sight longer than I thought it was gonna be
Mature for adult m/m sexual content
direct continuation of "Champagne Taste"; same cracked-up timeline as that and "Champagne"

[ profile] shrieking_ell gets AT LEAST half the blame.

Dick started swearing to himself as he left the auditorium and got on his bike )

there will be another SMALL piece, direct companion to Ell's one, but I haven't written it yet.

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I pose a question:

for those of you still on my flist (a few have ditched me, ;_; ) who know what this means,
would tonight be a good night for a little poorjamesing?

see I ask because I'm equally open to that and to writing a little more in that crack Dick/Lex thing with [ profile] shrieking_ell. so, if I get responses before I leave for breakfast lunch dinner SuperSnacks in about 45 minutes, I'll probably be able to toss down a few hundred words of one or the other.

but I don't know which. so it is up to you.

poorjamesing, yes or no? would you read it? do I count anymore? hmm.

[ETA: so, I poorjamesed. now it's time for me to go to SuperSnacks and see what more I can write]
[ETA2: no, really, I poorjamesed. and then I went to SuperSnacks and wrote teh pornycrack. so no worries; everyone's happy. win-win! yes?]


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i'm cooking the veggies and valuing myself!

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