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hi hi hi dreamwidth/livejournal world!

(so yeah, that means I have a dreamwidth account now, thank you [personal profile] fairestcat! I'm [personal profile] themeletor over there; find me if you like me (or drop your dw handle in comments) and I'll commence the commonplace friend-swapping!)

ummmmmm, so yanno usually I don't update a lot because I do not have a lot going on in my life! but this past week -- this past week has been kind of ridic and pretty awesome! and I'm sure everybody wants a flaily follow-up on my cryptic glee-post, yeah? yeah. (actually I don't know if you do! but you know what, I do not really care! because GLEE!)

(here, have some more exclamation points: !!!!!!!!!!! that's 11. that should last a couple minutes.)

my week! my life! so awesome! (squigglypoints: dw, wiscon, food, bnd, girl; possibly in that order) )

work now. don't forget! dreamwidth handles! let's do this shit!
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I just got home from a really freaking cool two-day conference/forum on bioethics and sustainability. some truly wicked panel discussions, a handful of solidly mind-blowing presentations, and the opportunity to pick some of the top brains in the sustainability/worldchanging arena. \o/

more on that later, though, because OH MY GOD EXHAUSTED.

Talon the Falcon is visiting Outpost tomorrow!

ETA: !!!!! vote on Threadless: Mac Man! I would embed the silly little graphic but that would spoil the brilliant surprise! MY SISTER MADE IT; SHE IS A GENIUS Y/Y.
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here, have a green (and brown) delicious Earth Day soup recipe!

basically a variation on everybody's favorite potato and kale soup (caldo verde). not as good as [ profile] fairestcat's (or, what I've heard about Cat's), but pretty freaking wicked and incidentally 100% vegan. omnomnom. try it! (btw, lentils aside (because they were free) this HUGE POT OF SOUP cost me a whopping $6.50. can you say frugal?)

recipe! )

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dear flist, please do not forget EARTH HOUR tonight! 8:30-9:30 PM your local time!

I will be turning off all nonessential appliances and electronics for that hour and snuggling up with a book and, well, a flashlight. 'cos it's dark. you do whatever works for you.

(secret notice: even if you're reading this and you've missed THE Earth Hour start time in your area, don't give up. turn out the lights for the next couple minutes or something!)
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in support of Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating, which is, incidentally, one of my VERY FAVORITE BOOKS RIGHT NOW (I bought a copy at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago during our Christmasy-family-New Years-visit-thing).

if you don't watch any other tv on the internet today, WATCH THIS INTERVIEW.

how to save the world AND eat tastier food, all in ONE EASY STEP -- without giving up all your steaks and cheeseburgers! )
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firstly, because I am feeling hopelessly immature,




in other news, CONGRATULATIONS (officially!) TO THE YAHARA RIVER GROCERY COOPERATIVE IN STOUGHTON, WI! they've been fighting to stay afloat during hard times lately, and have sort of become the adopted little sibling of the Willy Street Co-Op and Outpost Natural Foods (where Willy Street is the more hands-on, nearby sibling and Outpost is the older sib who's away at school but still sends care packages 'n' stuff). but during the last 3-4 months, amidst some super-crappy recession drama, they've managed to raise -- aw, heck, I'll just let [ profile] gryphons_lair tell you about it.

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you know me. yes, I am a hippie, but I like to think that I am not a PETA crazy (I conceptually support several of PETA's and AFA's causes and directions, but am much more of a "cruelty-free" person than an "animal liberation" person).

that said, when Action for Animals dropped a link to this virtual battery cage in my inbox, I was obviously disturbed. (ps: please check it out. or at least read up on the conditions of laying hens and broiler hens. even taken conservatively and with a grain of salt, it's terrible -- and I know that at least 70-85% of what is said here is true and not that exaggerated because I had a friend at Bowdoin whose family farmed laying hens and meat hens for large companies like Campbell's.) but here's the deal.

at the same time as I know that animals are treated HORRENDOUSLY by large-market and corporate agriculture, I also know that people are going to continue to want to eat meat, dairy, eggs, honey, et cetera. in addition, I am in the fortunate position to be interacting with local, sustainable, careful and caring producers of these legitimate food items on a regular basis. so I get to say this: it's not about whether you eat animal products (or plant products that have a history of destructive or exploitative farming/harvesting practices, or whatever). it's about which products you eat. it's about taking the time to know your producer. support the people who deserve your support. and, when at all possible, keep it local. I truly believe that in this time of economic shittiness that's more important than ever.

for those of you in the milwaukee/madison/wisconsin area, for eggs we have Yuppie Hill Farm. Willy Street Co-Op has a great article profiling Lynn's treatment of her birds, along with the practices of New Century Farms and Phil's Fresh Eggs (I only mention Yuppie Hill in particular because they're what we sell at Outpost, and I've had the privilege of talking to Lynn and to other Outpost owners and employees who have visited her farm. I know personally and without a doubt that she is Good People).

text of the Yuppie Hill segment of the posting beneath the cut )

so to everyone who's actually stuck with me and read through this post, I thank you sincerely and I gently urge you, just try it. try finding one local supplier (use google; it's easy), one farmer or baker or butcher or co-op or roadside stand or farmer's market. visit them. talk to them about their food and their farms; they're their passions. their homes. then start buying. start with one. it's easy. work up to more if you feel comfortable (or if you fall as deeply in love as I have) and if you're fortunate enough to have a wide selection (you'd be surprised. once you know where to look, things start popping up everywhere). it'll make your life better, and it'll make the world a little better, too. also, go ahead and share the knowledge. link this post (and any other posts I make on the subject, because I assure you there will be others) to people. this isn't some wild evangelization run, just a hope that with enough people who care enough to open their minds and their hearts we can get the word out. we can begin to enact a change.

and finally, to Lynn Lein of Yuppie Hill Farm, Wil Allen of Growing Power, Chris and Krista of Tomato Mountain, the farmers of Tipi Produce, and everyone else I can't think of off the top of my head, and everyone else across the country and around the world who are working to make better food for a better planet, even though I know you will never read this, THANK YOU and CARRY ON. you make the world so much brighter than you know.



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