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ok guys, fuck that last challenge thing. new plan (though I mean, feel free to play there, or here, or there and here, or whatever, but yeah).

(because um. I just spent all of German class ignoring modal verbs and going "man, Colby really needs a hug. or eighty." BECAUSE HE DOES, THOUGH.)

so, for the purpose of this quixotic little venture, a hug is anything from 50-500 words, and man you can totally write/link to something longer if you want, but 50-500 is a nice manageable target length I think, and it can be het or slash or gen or fluff or angst or snark or porn or backstory or some combination or pretty much anything, with anyone, as long as it has at its core the Colby-love. somewhere (possibly very deeply hidden, because Colby is, yes, adorable, but also a soldierboy, which is a) why we love him, and b) something that sets him up for a lot of trouble, sometimes). because you know what, Colby Needs A Hug. for serious.

so! post hugs here, please! I am maybe even writing one or several myself! that's what lunch is for, I think! also, here are some free bonus exclamation points for you! --> [!!!!!!!]

ok no, but, really, please humor me (and Colby). even though I'm kinda crazy.

(OT PS - [ profile] ian_edgerton girls, I PROMISE I have a picspam/post/apology in the works for tonight. gack. o_o)
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is it possible to be wildly productive and an incredible slacker both in the same day? because I think I have been.

today I did not:
  • go to German 101
  • work on number theory
  • wake up before 10:00
  • do my laundry
  • take out the garbage
  • sweep
  • write in any of the WIPs
  • type anything previously written in any of the WIPs
  • write the thing that kinda tapped my shoulder in passing as a response to the [ profile] numb3rsflashfic challenge
  • get anywhere even close to caught-up/kept-up/replied-up with the flist
  • make this week's icon set thingy
  • make any of the other graphics I owe people

  • however, I did:
  • program [ profile] __dtrain's number into my new phone
  • buy a ticket for the Saturday night (Oct. 7) performance of Proof (OMG EXCITED!)
  • start a lovely blue drawstring bag with lots of shell-stitches and v-stitches
  • crochet while walking
  • talk on the phone while walking
  • listen to Uncertainty Principle while walking
  • walk a lot
  • deposit my last paycheck
  • pick up the alpaca yarn from Purl Diva
  • act like a major brat
  • create an Edgerton fan-community (this is why I should NOT be allowed near livejournal when I'm feeling both creative and bored!)
  • buy scissors and comb for the trimming of hair
  • paint my nails bright-fucking-pink
  • make a temporary ass of myself with html

  • ...and yes. now my brain's gone wandering, so I must end the post.


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