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The weather outside, mostly in the way it smells and the way the air feels, makes me ridiculously nostalgic for summer 2004, when I was getting paid to sit around in comfy chairs and read Patrick O'Brian and drink fresh-ground & brewed coffee. That was also the summer I got myself OH-SO in-over-my-head with the Sparrington ficathon AND the J/W ficathon, and the summer I started Psalms to the Taffrail. And not that last summer wasn't incredible, but '04 just had something magical about it. I was diving head-first into fandom, writing like I'd never written before, and everywhere I turned there was something new and fantastic to learn or discover. It was something special.

Or I could be insane. At any rate, I need to finish my calculus.

Some points of housekeeping/love, thank you [ profile] obi_wansgirl for the lovely good-luck clover on my userinfo; it made me smile during an all-nighter when I especially needed it, and thank you [ profile] drbillbongo for the DVD! Exploding wigs of death, indeed. :D
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you guys? I just had a startling and strange revelation and I'm not sure where it came from because I'm writing about Dickinson for one paper and Victorian fairies (the magical kind, and also Oscar Wilde) for the other one, but anyway, this is the thought that came to me when I've been up much too late and:

House is totally a father figure thing to Cameron.
...only, more vaguely than I stated it and anyway I don't think either of them are aware of it and Cameron's DEFINITELY not aware of it but anyway they should therefore not have sex.
thereforeTHEREFORE, writers need to stop wedging it into the episodes hinting at it because that's like taking the train of character-interactions-thus-far-in-the-series and swapping the tracks and making it turn way too fast than makes sense in a direction that makes all the other traincars go "WHAT?" and is probably going to end in a crash, or the train going off a cliff, or something.

yeah, and y'all thought this "WHAT? FOREMAN'S ACTUALLY NOT A TEDDY BEAR?" thing was bad.

the preceeding can be considered evidence for why mel should not make posts at 3:30 in the morning, especially on her public journal.

[ETA: I think my banana just squeaked. what the hell.]


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i'm cooking the veggies and valuing myself!

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