Mar. 11th, 2010

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hah, my subconscious.

let's start this story by saying i'm really bad at knowing what day it is. like, all the time. day of the week, date, whatever; all i've got is a tenuous grasp on which job i'm supposed to attend, and possibly when, and the rest is gravy & bananas.

so i did not know today was march 11th until, oh, twenty minutes ago? when i was checking my flist.

my subconscious, however, TOTALLY DID because last night i had a dream that lush ran out of all their limited edition maple leaf soaps and canadiana gift sets, and for some reason in my dream this BROKE MY HEART, and i woke up in such distress that i hopped online and stocked up. because they're on clearance, for like half off, and also i will probably need a bunch for, like, gifts, you know? and also because OMG MOUNTIE MASSAGE BAR, and fucking MAPLE SYRUP SOAP.

so if you want to get in on any of this, you know, you can check out the sale at lush online. or you can just ask me. because i am going to have a lot.

and that* is how i spent my 11th of march.

*along with working 12 hours and scalding my wrist, blargh.


themeletor: close-up of a cupcake in the grass against a blue sky (Default)
i'm cooking the veggies and valuing myself!

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