Jun. 9th, 2010

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today i:

~spent all morning sitting in the sunshine reading comics (THANKS [personal profile] sansets)
~drove downtown for a quick meeting in which i labeled the other department-orphaned cohorts* and myself the "isle of misfit hippies"
~then drove all the way across the city and spent the afternoon/evening shooting the shit with a long-lost friend and helping him fit me for, and make, a chain mail halter top (IT'S GONNA BE GREAT) (PS BOOBS).

then i watched the glee season finale with my dad, which btw was AWESOME.

i mean, pretty much, ALL OF TODAY was AWESOME. ps did i mention that this pretty thing (a 1912 ford roadster; picture on the other side of the link) was parked outside the co-op when i arrived and i got to coo over it with the owner and aforementioned misfit hippies? THAT WAS AWESOME, TOO.

i'm going to try to post more often. i mean, good luck with that, self. but whatever. THE POINT IS TODAY WAS GREAT AND I'M GOING TO REMEMBER THAT. the day before yesterday was pretty cool, too. yesterday sucked, though.


*the other four employees for whom each one is her/his own department. like me!


themeletor: close-up of a cupcake in the grass against a blue sky (Default)
i'm cooking the veggies and valuing myself!

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