Jun. 23rd, 2010

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i don't know what possessed me to pull out the harley quinn suit tonight, but two ALMOST THREE (oh harley, you have been sadly neglected) years and a couple pants sizes later it still fits just as well -- maybe better -- through the magic of spandex.

which doesn't change the fact that i'm already at work on a poison ivy costume for halloween this year. (i have to start now because hand-sewing all those leaves is going to be a BITCH.)

also between my thigh-high boots and black leatheresque bolero, and seeing as i always have a pair of black fishnets to hand, i could probably whip up a black canary costume on short notice with the help of a good dancewear shop (one that stocks patent finish leos).

and i mean with the exception of halloween and maybe a con or two in my future (though i don't know that i'd ever go to That Sort of Con, since i get easily overpeopled at, like, wiscon), i have no idea where i'd wear any of this, but i'm going on the theory that it's good stuff to have around.

which is all to say that i? am apparently a dc comics hooker.


(hi. what's up in *your* life? ♥)


themeletor: close-up of a cupcake in the grass against a blue sky (Default)
i'm cooking the veggies and valuing myself!

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