Mar. 3rd, 2010

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hello internet friends*!

it's been a while. again.

... apparently when this disk drive is ripping a cd it sounds like it is going to take off. or blow up. i feel like the former would be more fun.


so today i may have gained the nickname "captain tinytits, intrepid explorer of vaginaland". i mean, that was a good time. i haven't decided yet whether i prefer it to "mellybean", which was the previous nickname.

and in actually strangely related news, i am approaching something of a facebook rubicon, in that my cousin has requested my facebook friendification. now i'm not one of those people who doesn't like family on facebook, BUT. my facebook page is pretty gay. about as gay as i am. and i'm not going to change a word of it. AND i haven't technically come out to my extended family (though i wouldn't be surprised to hear they'd figured it out with the power of their very own minds). it isn't something i'm afraid to do; it's just never come up. which is to say that it's never come up because it's been deftly avoided on both sides, to be honest. my thinking has always been that it's irrelevant until there's someone in my life who's important enough to attend an extended family event (weddings, holidays, et cetera) with me, at which point not only will the situation be apparent, but the answer to the unasked question will be concrete. and standing next to me. annnnd i'm not worried in either the hypothetical future event or the present circumstance of rejection or backlash (except how apparently i am, a little bit, because there is this whole reluctance and discussion going on) but it is, again, well. a rubicon.

so there's that. i mean, i'm going to friend her. and my facebook isn't going to get any less gay. but i just felt like rambling about that shit for a while. good times!


in other news, i have a date tomorrow. to the art museum and then to dinner, like an actual honest-to-goodness predictably-shaped date. will let you know how that goes, and possibly even in a timely fashion. who knows!


i closed the restaurant tonight, which means i drank a cup of coffee around 8 pm. so if the sleeping pills don't kick in soon, i'll be spending the wee hours catching up on livejournal and dreamwidth. prepare for random comments!

xo, mel

*i am certain that "internet friends" is a misnomer, here, because the vast majority of you are well beyond the category of internet friends, and have been pretty much since i met you. which may or may not have been on the internet (but was almost positively because of the internet). ♥


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i'm cooking the veggies and valuing myself!

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