May. 5th, 2010

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hi. i'm here. well, i'm not really here. i'm kind of present? well, i'm not really that present. argh. i miss you? that much is DEFINITELY true. i'm really glad that wiscon is coming along quickly; i cannot wait to just sit the hell down for a few days and speak geek (related social anxieties notwithstanding); more importantly to touch base with PEOPLE, PEOPLE I MISS AND WITH WHOM I REALLY WANT TO SPEND TIME.

in other news, dear glee, you are officially ON NOTICE. ) also when the hell is idina menzel coming back, because if she does not return -- AND SING A LOT -- i will never forgive anyone at fox.

whatever. today i went to an actual hair salon and got myself a big-girl haircut, and while it was more expensive than i had anticipated i am really happy i ponied up. because now i have emo-boy-hair:

like this )

and i really like it.

ok now i have to go to bed so that tomorrow i can work all day, and then attend IRON MAN 2: OPERATION SUPER MOTHERFUCKING BADASS. i may have gotten the title of that movie wrong. but it's gonna be a lot of cans of awesome.


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i'm cooking the veggies and valuing myself!

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