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today was one of those days, you know them? when reading through my blogroll brought up an extra heavy dose of posts about assault, and sexual bullshit, and people's capacity to be wretched, and just how dark life can sometimes get. how far we, as a society, really don't appear to have gotten. and, as these kinds of days usually do, it got me doing a lot of thinking about my own past and my own history. which is, you know, a bummer. and i don't really have much left to say about any of those things. i'm tired.

so fuck it, i said. i'm not going to write that post. i'm going to write this post instead. i'm going to write a post of celebration.

this is me celebrating that finally, in my life, i have a partner who i can trust completely, even in bed. who i find totally sexy, and who thinks i'm totally sexy too. who says so. who will never do anything i don't want to do, and who will never make me feel weird for asking for what i do want. who checks in, who talks with me, who never makes me second-guess myself, and who can make me weak in the knees, and then make me laugh, and shout, and sob, and shake, and laugh again, and then we cuddle under the covers and watch nerdy-ass fucking television.

i fucking deserve this shit. and if this sounds like something you want, know that you fucking deserve this shit too. if you don't have it, you'll find it. if you do have it, celebrate too. and spread the word: we all deserve to get what we want. we are all so worth loving.
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