Feb. 9th, 2010

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hello the internet.

hello new friends.

hello snowstorm.

fwiw, have returned safely and mostly intact from the faraway land of canadia. am still riding the high of the stunning, wonderful wedding but at the same time (and despite sleeping until 3:00 this afternoon, roughly, with sporadic blinks of dw/lj-checking awakeness) thoroughly exhausted -- though feeling significantly less like i just got hit by a train full of cake. also i miss many, many people, as is habitual with these things.

(i was technically open for a shift at the coop today. hah. looked out the window this morning at eight inches of snow still accumulating, breathed a hopeful intention that those still in transit made it safely to various homespaces, put my pillow over my head and went back to sleep. fuck that.)

to my new friends, welcome! i ... do not post very often. when i do i am largely boring. when i am not boring i am a bit of a spaz. ALSO I SOMETIMES POST FOOD PICTURES AND RECIPES. in the real world i'm a waitress at some fake asian restaurant and a demo/promo/samples coordinator at a natural foods coop, so those keep me pretty busy six days out of the week. but i do my best to check dw and lj at least every couple of days, even if by the time i do that i don't always have the energy to comment. (my new years resolution was to comment more. i don't want to talk about how badly that is coming along.) i continue to live in the probably vain hope that some day i will have gobs and gobs of free time to spend being an active member of the online comminuty again, but until that day i just try to keep ahead of the rolling boulder that is my life.

to everybody, i love you!

and i'm going back to bed now.

(ps holy shit but that wedding was AWESOME. like, EPIC. have i mentioned that?)

(pps FINALLY got all the icing out of my hair! pants, however, are another matter entirely.)


themeletor: close-up of a cupcake in the grass against a blue sky (Default)
i'm cooking the veggies and valuing myself!

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