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i don't know what possessed me to pull out the harley quinn suit tonight, but two ALMOST THREE (oh harley, you have been sadly neglected) years and a couple pants sizes later it still fits just as well -- maybe better -- through the magic of spandex.

which doesn't change the fact that i'm already at work on a poison ivy costume for halloween this year. (i have to start now because hand-sewing all those leaves is going to be a BITCH.)

also between my thigh-high boots and black leatheresque bolero, and seeing as i always have a pair of black fishnets to hand, i could probably whip up a black canary costume on short notice with the help of a good dancewear shop (one that stocks patent finish leos).

and i mean with the exception of halloween and maybe a con or two in my future (though i don't know that i'd ever go to That Sort of Con, since i get easily overpeopled at, like, wiscon), i have no idea where i'd wear any of this, but i'm going on the theory that it's good stuff to have around.

which is all to say that i? am apparently a dc comics hooker.


(hi. what's up in *your* life? ♥)
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god, there is so much going on right now in my life and on the internet. hopefully i will get to it soon. please to see the rest of dreamwidth regarding issues of ableism, racism, self-brain-policing, and of course bloody sunday.

in the intervening time, gail simone, our relationship is very torn right now.


Jun. 11th, 2010 10:09 pm
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so, does anyone remember the tempermental little macbook i had for my last semester of college? probably not. heck, i barely remember it. but it pooped out some time during the summer of '08, and i, spurred by various forces, FINALLY took it in to the apple store to see if they could at least recover any of my data.

good news: most of the computer works just fine. bad news: the hard drive is shot.

other bad news: after some detective work upon my return home tonight, i've determined that at some point my mother found stray and/or strewn and threw out the backup dvds i made years ago, back when i was vidding.

the upshot being, if you have, or know anyone who might have, copies of any of my vids (istanbul, save me, joga (vid title "emotional landscapes") -- all of these are batman begins; the numb3rs vid is up on youtube so it's fine) PLEASE LET ME KNOW and maybe, um, send a file my way? please? it would seriously make my whole wide world so much better. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

this is poopy. it is a completely poopy situation. but i am not giving up! i have faith in the internet. and in the power of love.
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today i:

~spent all morning sitting in the sunshine reading comics (THANKS [personal profile] sansets)
~drove downtown for a quick meeting in which i labeled the other department-orphaned cohorts* and myself the "isle of misfit hippies"
~then drove all the way across the city and spent the afternoon/evening shooting the shit with a long-lost friend and helping him fit me for, and make, a chain mail halter top (IT'S GONNA BE GREAT) (PS BOOBS).

then i watched the glee season finale with my dad, which btw was AWESOME.

i mean, pretty much, ALL OF TODAY was AWESOME. ps did i mention that this pretty thing (a 1912 ford roadster; picture on the other side of the link) was parked outside the co-op when i arrived and i got to coo over it with the owner and aforementioned misfit hippies? THAT WAS AWESOME, TOO.

i'm going to try to post more often. i mean, good luck with that, self. but whatever. THE POINT IS TODAY WAS GREAT AND I'M GOING TO REMEMBER THAT. the day before yesterday was pretty cool, too. yesterday sucked, though.


*the other four employees for whom each one is her/his own department. like me!
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first and foremost: bon voyage, louise bourgeois. you were crazy and tiny and amazing and wretched, and you will not be forgotten. (if you somehow do not know louise bourgeois' work, please use the power of google. you will not regret it.) *

in other news, i got home from wiscon, unpacked, and then slept like a log until work this morning. tomorrow i hope to get up to some social housekeeping on dreamwidth (new friends! yay!) and possibly marshal the brainspoons to make a con reaction post. orrrrr something.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

*somehow this seems like a moderately tangential endcap to the wiscon feminist immersion experience. or maybe i just enjoy doodling intersecting lines in the sand.
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(regarding tonight's glee, 1x19, "dream on")



*(be glad you all are not [profile] iceyrica, because i BLEW UP her phone text inbox just now.)
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hi. i'm here. well, i'm not really here. i'm kind of present? well, i'm not really that present. argh. i miss you? that much is DEFINITELY true. i'm really glad that wiscon is coming along quickly; i cannot wait to just sit the hell down for a few days and speak geek (related social anxieties notwithstanding); more importantly to touch base with PEOPLE, PEOPLE I MISS AND WITH WHOM I REALLY WANT TO SPEND TIME.

in other news, dear glee, you are officially ON NOTICE. ) also when the hell is idina menzel coming back, because if she does not return -- AND SING A LOT -- i will never forgive anyone at fox.

whatever. today i went to an actual hair salon and got myself a big-girl haircut, and while it was more expensive than i had anticipated i am really happy i ponied up. because now i have emo-boy-hair:

like this )

and i really like it.

ok now i have to go to bed so that tomorrow i can work all day, and then attend IRON MAN 2: OPERATION SUPER MOTHERFUCKING BADASS. i may have gotten the title of that movie wrong. but it's gonna be a lot of cans of awesome.

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fortunately i have some wicked smart people on my friendslist.

so while i'm stewing and squirming over arizona's straight-up bullshit SB 1070 anti-immigration law and oklahoma's patronizing, misogynistic, shame-based legislature, [ profile] knowledgequeen has actually written and posted informative and (refreshingly) strongly-worded evaluations of both shenanigans. you might want to read them. she does an especially good job of breaking down the most distressing and/or problematic portions of all three items, particularly with regards to SB 1070 and the phrase "reasonable suspicion".

An Almost-Lawyer, on Arizona's Immigration Law // More Abortion Fuckwittery From The Red States -- [ profile] knowledgequeen @ livejournal

and if that got you too frustrated, here's a dancing puppy.

[ETA: new icon. after today's blogroll, plus walking through the kitchen while some dude on some sitcom tossed out the line "don't say that! that's offensive to women!" and, overcome and impulsive, i shouted to the empty kitchen YOUR FACE IS OFFENSIVE TO WOMEN. for use whenever i am too overwhelmed to be smart, and therefore must resort to sassy. or when i feel like being ironically (im)mature. or any number of other applications. or whatthefuckever. \o/]
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but until i find that particular round-to-it, rejoice with me! because ORGANIC RAMPS CAN HAS!

done quick-and-dirty (because i've been up since barf in the morning for two days running) with cremini mushrooms, new red potatoes, eggs, vegan mozz, and fresh tarragon. all local (except the cheez, which is from follow your heart in the land of the hippie), and all organic, and all IN SEASON OHAI SPRING. and the whole thing cost me eight bucks, most of which was the price of cheez.

before i could slow down long enough to take a picture, half of this sexy deliciousness was gone! I WONDER WHERE IT WENT. omnomnom.

ETA: btw the bioethics conference was a hoot, and almost as much fun as imposing upon [personal profile] oliviacirce and [personal profile] sasha_feather for an evening. man, it's been a good week(ish). i should go to sleep while i'm ahead. and full of delicions.
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memeity meme memeitude!

comment if you'd like a color. then list ten things that you like/love which are that color.

[personal profile] sasha_feather gave me the color blue.

my list )

in other news, i've been -- for no one specific reason, but indeed rather mysteriously -- craving a trip out to washington, d.c. i'm thinking probably mid-to-late july-ish, when i'm finally done paying off my debt. ideas? offers of couch? i cook and i clean and i'm well behaved. i even cover entire walls in chalk art, if requested -- you can just ask [personal profile] momebie!

i registered for wiscon! finally! woo!

& lastly, i think i might be allergic to eggs. suddenly. and surprisingly. all i know is i broke out in hives at work yesterday, and the only thing i did out of the ordinary was to eat bowl of egg-drop soup. obviously i'm going to seek the opinion of an actual doctor, but in the meantime D: my life.
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Hoist the anchor, set the sails, and plot your course for...

The First Ever Dreamwidth Age of Sail Anonymous Kink Meme

Any seafaring or related historical fandom: Hornblower, Master and Commander, Temeraire, Sharpe, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jane Austen, Lord John Grey, Georgette Heyer, historical RPS...

Any genre or kink: slash, het, gen, threesomes, moresomes, pwp, kink, angst, schmoop, crackfic, AU...

Join us at [community profile] age_of_sail!

(p.s. now would also be a good time for me to say that if you're reading this on lj and thinking, "hey, i'd like to try this dreamwidth thing, but i want a dw code so i can, you know, do that"... well. i'm pretty sure i can take care of that for you, as i have a good handful of spares. *g*)
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Sue Sylvester on the topic of "sneaky gays" (hulu; thank you to hulu's mainpage for the link):


George Takei and Brad Altman engaging in literal tinhattery -- and census-queering! (youtube; thank you to [personal profile] linaelyn for the link):


other news: i got a badass haircut today. and i guaged my ears to 10gg. eh, maybe i'll take a picture.
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i need to be kinder.

not that i've become any sort of mean, but radical kindness used to be my m.o., and i've noticed myself fading away from that -- becoming quicker to judge (or really, judging at all); sharper of tongue; and generally breeding energies that are not as fully positive as the ones that i really should be adding to the world.

saw kittie tonight and met some genuinely sweet metal fans. headbanged a little. left early (wish i hadn't).

then i went to a drag show and experienced a lot of cliquishness and cattiness.

i know exactly which of the two i prefer, any day, ever.

this is my recommitment to love and joy.

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hah, my subconscious.

let's start this story by saying i'm really bad at knowing what day it is. like, all the time. day of the week, date, whatever; all i've got is a tenuous grasp on which job i'm supposed to attend, and possibly when, and the rest is gravy & bananas.

so i did not know today was march 11th until, oh, twenty minutes ago? when i was checking my flist.

my subconscious, however, TOTALLY DID because last night i had a dream that lush ran out of all their limited edition maple leaf soaps and canadiana gift sets, and for some reason in my dream this BROKE MY HEART, and i woke up in such distress that i hopped online and stocked up. because they're on clearance, for like half off, and also i will probably need a bunch for, like, gifts, you know? and also because OMG MOUNTIE MASSAGE BAR, and fucking MAPLE SYRUP SOAP.

so if you want to get in on any of this, you know, you can check out the sale at lush online. or you can just ask me. because i am going to have a lot.

and that* is how i spent my 11th of march.

*along with working 12 hours and scalding my wrist, blargh.
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i finally cued up an episode of white collar (episode 10, "vital signs", for those who are curious), and couldn't even wait to make it all the way through to say this:

this is one of the most ridiculous, incohesive, hand-wavey and DID I MENTION RIDICULOUS shows i have ever enjoyed, and that "ever" includes 21st-century merlin. but goddamnit, i am a little bit charmed. fuck.

(seriously, logic holes THE SIZE OF MY ARM, and i'm still watching this shit. that's ... that's something, is what it is.)
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oh, my. i didn't even know that last post had, well ... posted. as far as i was aware i hung up on it while it was loading. woo, posts made from the cellophone while falling asleep; good times. thank you to everyone who commented! the dance was the futterwhacken, spelling perhaps variable.

(also, this is in fact the first time i've been to a proper computer since my second-to-last post. busybusy.)

your random fact for the day: i appear to have begun wearing lipstick semi-regularly - sephora rouge in r23 crush, which wears, on me, as a deep-lush-bright rock'n'roll pink. mostly i like the way it makes my lipring stand out. ... i think spring just turns me into a fucking girl.

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saw tim burton's alice in in disney 3d tonight. um, it was amazing. i mean, not the world's most thoughtful or groundbreaking movie? but it was fucking pretty. and a really good time. which is exactly what i wanted.

what was the name of that crazy dance?
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hello internet friends*!

it's been a while. again.

... apparently when this disk drive is ripping a cd it sounds like it is going to take off. or blow up. i feel like the former would be more fun.


so today i may have gained the nickname "captain tinytits, intrepid explorer of vaginaland". i mean, that was a good time. i haven't decided yet whether i prefer it to "mellybean", which was the previous nickname.

and in actually strangely related news, i am approaching something of a facebook rubicon, in that my cousin has requested my facebook friendification. now i'm not one of those people who doesn't like family on facebook, BUT. my facebook page is pretty gay. about as gay as i am. and i'm not going to change a word of it. AND i haven't technically come out to my extended family (though i wouldn't be surprised to hear they'd figured it out with the power of their very own minds). it isn't something i'm afraid to do; it's just never come up. which is to say that it's never come up because it's been deftly avoided on both sides, to be honest. my thinking has always been that it's irrelevant until there's someone in my life who's important enough to attend an extended family event (weddings, holidays, et cetera) with me, at which point not only will the situation be apparent, but the answer to the unasked question will be concrete. and standing next to me. annnnd i'm not worried in either the hypothetical future event or the present circumstance of rejection or backlash (except how apparently i am, a little bit, because there is this whole reluctance and discussion going on) but it is, again, well. a rubicon.

so there's that. i mean, i'm going to friend her. and my facebook isn't going to get any less gay. but i just felt like rambling about that shit for a while. good times!


in other news, i have a date tomorrow. to the art museum and then to dinner, like an actual honest-to-goodness predictably-shaped date. will let you know how that goes, and possibly even in a timely fashion. who knows!


i closed the restaurant tonight, which means i drank a cup of coffee around 8 pm. so if the sleeping pills don't kick in soon, i'll be spending the wee hours catching up on livejournal and dreamwidth. prepare for random comments!

xo, mel

*i am certain that "internet friends" is a misnomer, here, because the vast majority of you are well beyond the category of internet friends, and have been pretty much since i met you. which may or may not have been on the internet (but was almost positively because of the internet). ♥
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my life in statements:


people are weird.

amorphous relationships are hard.

tip-based pay is unpredictable.

broken phone is broken.

(apropos of above: us cellular online mycontacts backup is a Very Good Thing.)

women's olympic event snowboarders are HOT.

my brain is crazy.

straight razors will eat one's legs.

(apropos of above: razorantium is a wonderful if imperfect product.)

lastly, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!



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i'm cooking the veggies and valuing myself!

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